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  • Catchment management


    Rather than relying solely on engineered solutions, we believe in working with the environment through natural methods and working with others to build resilience.

    Dealing with impacts on water quality at source is a more sustainable and economic approach than energy and chemical intensive end-of-pipe treatment.

    Our catchment management work now covers 15 catchments where nitrate or pesticide pollution affects raw water quality.

    Where we work collaboratively with farmers and landowners we have seen significant reductions in nitrate concentrations in our drinking water sources, although nitrate levels during the winter in the last two years did rise because of the very wet weather.

    The opposite has been true at the sites at risk of pollution from metaldehyde, an active ingredient in slug pellets.

    While other water companies have experienced an increase in the incidence of metaldehyde in surface water reservoirs, we have not.

    This is directly due to our collaborative work with farmers, our offer of non-metaldehyde alternatives and the advice we give on application rates, timings and frequency.

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