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  • Our vision 

    Our sustainability vision was developed in partnership with Forum for the Future in 2003-04. 

    Our staff, specialists from government, regulators, non-governmental organisations, consultancies, business, academia and Forum for the Future were involved in its development.

    In addition, customers were consulted on our plans to become a more sustainable business through our Scrutiny Group and the four customer liaison panels covering customers and communities, business customers, environment, and services and planning.

    Our vision, which we anticipate will take 25 years to deliver fully, defines what sustainability means to us and the key developments we need to make.

    Our approach to sustainability is related to the components of the five capitals model of sustainability:

    • social capital / customers and communities - giving customers the highest standards of service and value for money
    • natural capital / environment - protecting and improving the environment and contributing to wider society
    • human capital / employees - providing employees with the opportunity for personal development and a satisfying career
    • manufactured capital / infrastructure - delivering services with stable and sustainable assets
    • financial capital / finances - giving our investors a stable return on their investment, commensurate with the risk taken.

    Each part of the vision is divided into two types: 

    • outcomes - the end position which would show that we are operating sustainably
    • mechanisms - the activities, processes and ways of working that need to be in place for us to achieve those outcomes. 
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