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  • Health and safety

    Protecting the health, safety and welfare of our staff, contractors and customers is paramount.

    No activity is truly without risk; our safety management systems and procedures aim to remove unnecessary risk and control and manage any residual risk to ensure injury or harm to individuals is prevented.

    At the core of our safety culture is that all staff, irrespective of their position, are empowered to ensure healthy and safety is ‘not an optional extra’.

    Staff at all levels receive appropriate levels of training to ensure they can work safely without risk to themselves, colleagues or customers.

    A team of experienced health and safety professionals supports and advises staff, investigates accidents and enforces company safety standards where necessary.

    In spite of increased awareness and changes to working arrangements and training, there are accidents - the principal causes are slips, trips and falls or manual handling. We continue our efforts to improve performance in these areas.

    We monitor and investigate all reported safety incidents and dangerous occurrences to establish the cause and identify improvements that will prevent a recurrence.

    We have increased our focus on the reporting and investigation of near-misses which is crucial to preventing future accidents.

    We have provided automated external defibrillators at strategic locations and trained 40 first aiders in their use.

    Our overall safety record remains good and we have received the following awards from recognised safety organisations:

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