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  • Water meters

    Apply for a meter

    You can apply for a water meter using the link above only if you receive your water supply from Wessex Water. If we don’t supply you, please contact the relevant water company.

    If you ask for a first time meter to be installed, it will be fitted within 30 working days of receipt of your completed application form. 

    Your bill will be calculated based on the amount of water you use from the date the meter is fitted. 

    If we fail to install the meter within 30 working days, your water will be free from then until we fit the meter.

    Water meter 660

    Meter readings

    Send us a meter reading

    We guarantee to read your water meter at least once a year, provided you give us access to it. If we fail to do so, you can claim automatic compensation of £50.

    If you move we will read your meter on the day of the move provided you give us five working days' notice. If we fail to read it, you can claim automatic compensation of £50.

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