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  • Business charges

    The majority of business customers are charged for water and sewerage services based on how much water is measured by a water meter (metered).

    Some business customers receive a bill based on the rateable value of their property (unmetered). For the forseeable future customers will remain on rateable value based charges, although we reserve the right to compulsorily meter business customers. Customers also have the option to ask for a meter to be fitted.

    Metered charges

    Where a meter is fitted, water and sewerage services are based on the amount of water you use. Sewerage is normally charged on the assumption that 95% of the water used returns to the sewer. If you think you discharge less than 95% to the sewer please contact your business account manager.

    Usually new water supplies will be subject to metering.

    If you have online storage that can reduce your demand during peak water supply periods you may benefit from applying for our metered water interruptible tariff.

    As a business customer you are charged at standard rates unless you apply for any of our optional charges by writing to the business account manager, Wessex Water, 1 Clevedon Walk, Nailsea, Bristol BS48 1WA.

    Value Added Tax

    VAT will be added to water supply charges (including water for construction) supplied to industrial customers who are defined within divisions 1 – 5 of the Standard Industrial Classification List 1980 (SIC). Water supply charges to all other customers are zero rated for VAT purposes.

    All sewerage charges will be zero rated for VAT purposes as will trade effluent charges (where they apply).

    How charges are set

    Our charges and any changes to them are controlled by law, in particular, by the Water Industry Act 1991 and by our operating licence.

    Ofwat sets the overall limits within which our revenues for providing water and sewerage services may change each year and approves the way in which we apply charges to recover these revenues.

    The industry regulator also sets the amount we can charge on average to recover our costs of billing and administration (the retail costs) for different types of customers. The revenue recovered from customers in charges must not exceed these revenue allowances.

    Within these limits, we may need to change individual charges by different amounts and percentages so that the charges to customers reflect correctly the cost of the services supplied. This means, for example, that the increase in unmetered charges can be less or more than charges for metered services.

    This year average bills are reducing by 5% but few customers have an average bill. Your bill will change by more or less depending on the service you receive from us, how much water you use if you are a metered customer or the rateable value of your property if you are an unmetered customer.

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