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Water supply and sewerage

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Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm (emergencies only at other times)

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  • Moving premises

    If you are a Bristol Water and/or Wessex Water customer, you can let us know you are changing address using our online form:

    Moving form

    If a different company supplies your water, please contact that company to advise them.

    You will need to tell us:

    • the contact name within your business
    • your existing business address or customer number if you are moving out
    • a contact email address
    • the date you are moving in or out of the premises
    • the address of your new premises if you are moving in
    • your initial meter reading if you moving into a metered premises*
    • your final meter reading if you are moving out of a metered premises*.

    * If you are unable to obtain a reading, please contact us to arrange a meter reader to visit. We will read the meter on the weekday you move provided you give us five working days’ notice.

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Popular questions
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