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  • Leakage

    To report a leak* call 0800 692 0 692 (24 hours) email us or use our form.

    Report a leak

    We will investigate within three working days and in general we aim to repair leaks on our own mains within two days and other leaks within 14 days.

    To check that your pipework is not leaking away your business profits, we recommend you: 

    • monitor and record the amount of water used through each meter at least once a month - unusual increases could be caused by a leak
    • monitor and record your meter daily if you regularly use large volumes of water. You may be able to get electronic access to your meter data - please  contact us for more information
    • check your pipework is in good condition - you are responsible legally for the maintenance and prevention of wastage from all pipework from the boundary of the highway to your property (see diagram below).

    Whose pipes business

    * If you suspect a leak and we do not supply your water, please call the appropriate company:

    • Bristol Water - 0800 801 011
    • Bournemouth Water - 0800 587 8979.
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