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  • Water efficiency

    Taking action to reduce water wastage in your business will cut your overheads too - it will lower your water and energy bills.

    Our four step action plan and top ten tips offer advice on ways to save water and energy - more advice can be found at Water2Business, our joint venture with Bristol Water designed to offer tailored water management solutions to large businesses across the UK.

    A four step action plan

    • Monitor your meter: If you meter reading looks higher than normal but nothing has changed at your premises, it may mean you have a leak. An easy way to check for a leak is to take meter readings when no water should be being used. This could be at night or weekends.
    • Discover where you use most: The areas of your business which use the most water are the ones you should target first. Can you reduce consumption in these area and cut your water bill?  
    • Engage your employees: Motivating your staff to save water at work will have an impact on your bill, for example, if they are more water efficient in the kitchen areas and toilets. They may also have ideas on how your business can save more water.
    • Fit water saving products: Simply having the right fittings and appliances will save huge amounts of water. Invest in water saving products – many have short payback periods.

    Top 10 water saving tips

    • Reduce, reuse or recycle water wherever and whenever possible.
    • Check consumption regularly - look into any unexpected increases.
    • Investigate and fix leaks and dripping taps promptly.
    • Take advantage of leakage allowances
    • Introduce site sub metering to help you locate leaks and identify increased water use.
    • Fit water minimising controls including push taps, flow regulator/restrictors, cistern displacement devices, spray nozzles on hoses, low flush toilets, sensor urinal flushing controls.
    • Construct a site water balance and water efficiency plan.
    • Use instrumentation and modern water saving technique to reduce process water wastage.
    • Review effluent strength and volume where appropriate.
    • Take advantage of advice from us and other environmental support groups.
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