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Water supply and sewerage

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  • Our promise

    We are committed to giving you a first class service that exceeds the standards required by law.


    We will:

    • respond within statutory timescales to planning enquiries
    • respond within 21 calendar days on specific sites needing a more detailed answer.

    Water supply

    We will:

    • acknowledge applications for new service connections/mains within five calendar days
    • provide quotes for new service connections within 28 calendar days
    • provide estimates within 28 calendar days for new water mains requisitions (including self lay), or 42 days for larger sites or those requiring offsite reinforcement
    • construct new mains within 90 calendar days of agreement being signed.


    We will:

    • acknowledge sewer requisition applications within five calendar days
    • construct requisitioned sewer within 90 calendar days of agreement being signed
    • acknowledge sewer adoption submissions within 14 calendar days
    • provide technical assessment of sewers proposed for adoption within 28 calendar days
    • provide a draft legal agreement within 14 calendar days on receipt of all necessary information
    • respond to applications to connect to the public sewer within 21 calendar days
    • respond to applications to build over/near public sewers within 21 calendar days.

    Asset enquiries

    We will:

    • respond within seven calendar days to general asset location enquiries.

    Fees and charges

    Our fees and charges are clear and reviewed annually

    All fees and charges are published in relevant booklets, leaflets and guidance notes which are available to download from this section.

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