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  • Lower your water bills 

  • WaterSure Plus - limiting your metered bill

    If you are on a water meter and are in a low income household with unavoidably high water use, WaterSure Plus can help. It limits the amount you have to pay.

    To apply for WaterSure Plus you must be in receipt of one of the means tested benefits or tax credits and either:

    • have three or more children living at home 
    • have someone in your household with a medical condition that causes them to use significantly more water.

    Apply for WaterSure Plus

    Assist - helping if you're in extreme financial difficulty

    We can offer you Assist if you are in extreme financial difficulty and can not afford your water bill.

    With Assist, you pay a lower bill than normal based on your ability to pay. It can be used alongside our Restart and Restart Plus schemes.

    You will need to seek  free independent advice  before applying.

    You will need to provide details of your income, household bills and any debts or savings you have. 

    If you are waiting to receive debt advice and need a hold on your account, please contact us and let us know which organisation your appointment is with, the date and time and the advisor's name if known. Please ensure you continue to pay what you can while you are applying for help.

    Once we have received your application, we will let you know within five working days if you have been accepted and what will happen next.

    Apply for Assist

    A discount if you are on pension credit

    If you receive pension credit we may be able to offer you a discount of around 20% off your bill if we provide you with water and/or sewerage services.

    To apply all adults in your household must be in receipt of pension credit.

    Pension credit: If you are aged 60 and over and live in the UK, you may be able to apply for pension credit subject to income or you may be eligible to have your income topped up by the government.

    To check what benefits you are entitled to, call the Department for Work and Pensions on 0345 606 0234 or do it online .

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