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  • Bristol Avon Catchment Partnership

    About the partnership

    Bristol Avon Catchment Partnership logoThe Bristol Avon Catchment Partnership comprises a range of organisations, groups, authorities and individuals dedicated to working together to improve the water environment and provide wider benefits for people and nature at a catchment scale - known as a Catchment Based Approach (CaBA).

    The partnership formed in 2012 with support of central government and has produced a Catchment Plan to work towards achieving a better water environment for all.

    The Bristol Avon Catchment encompasses the North Somerset Coastal Streams and the Lower Severn Vale sub catchments.

    Please click on this link to see a map of the key rivers and waterbodies within the catchment.

    What is the water environment?

    The water environment includes all rivers, streams and wetlands that drain within the catchment landscape.  It also includes all the different types of landscape that we build on, cultivate and modify; all of these human interventions have an impact on the water cycle and can, for example, lead to an increased risk of pollution leaching in to our watercourses and ground water aquifers.  

    Purpose of the partnership

    The purpose of the partnership is to:

    • identify collectively the key water based issues within the catchment (for example, flooding, declining water quality in our rivers and streams, declining number of fish surviving)
    • ensure that work to improve the water based issues in the catchment is well informed by sound local evidence and data
    • coordinate and integrate both current and future plans to secure better and more effective outcomes
    • agree the priority actions that are required to help deliver projects to improve the water based issues in the catchment
    • maximise the use of existing resources and seek to attract additional funding where appropriate
    • share findings and best practice and communicate widely with surrounding partnerships and local community groups to provide a mandate to improve the water and land environment for all.

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    Contact us

    If you would like to contact the Catchment Coordinator for the Bristol Avon Catchment Partnership, please follow the link below:   

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