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  • Customer Care Plus

    If you have particular requirements due to your age, ill health, a disability, mental illness or additional needs, register for Customer Care Plus so that we can take this into account. 

    Register for Customer Care Plus

    If you require additional help from us, you may also need help from your gas and electricity supplier. Energy companies offer schemes and support similar to ours, for example, password schemes or getting bills in large print/braille.

  • Interruptions to your water supply

    Occasionally we may need to turn off your water supply to carry out essential work.

    Usually we let you know in advance, either by letter or using our loudspeaker vans.

    However, if you are blind, partially sighted or have difficulties reading or understanding English, we can contact you by telephone.

    If you have hearing difficulties we can arrange a home visit or we can contact a neighbour to let you know when your supply is likely to be affected.

    If your water supply is interrupted we can provide you with bottled water.

    If the water is likely to be off for a longer period of time and we need to use water bowsers  these will be located as conveniently as possible to you. We can offer assistance if you are unable to collect water from these bowsers.

    If you use dialysis equipment or have a particular need for water, we will try to plan our operations around your needs.

    In the event of an unplanned interruption we will contact you to advise you how long the interruption will last and what help is available.

    Meter readings

    We offer extra free meter readings, subject to a maximum of four readings per year, to elderly customers and those with additional needs who have difficulty reading their meter.

    The reading will be taken within five working days of your request. If we fail to do this, you can claim automatic compensation under the Wessex Water Promise, our customer guarantee scheme.

    If you are unable to access your meter, we may be able to move it at no cost to you.

    Switching to a water meter may help you to save money and water - we can normally fit a meter for free.

    Communicating with you

    If you have difficulty communicating or you find it hard to understand your bill and other information, you can nominate a carer, family member or friend to talk to us or receive correspondence on your behalf.

    Your bill and a selection of leaflets are available, on request, in braille, large print, on CD or can be read and explained to you over the telephone.

    We can also arrange for them to be translated into a language other than English. We also offer a home visiting service.

    If you need to communicate with us using British Sign Language or a language other than English, we can arrange an interpreter free of charge or communicate with you using our dedicated "language line".

    If you first language is not English or if this is the case for a friend or family member, we can arrange to communicate with you in an alternative language via our 'dedicated language line'.

    If you are deaf, hard of hearing or have speech difficulties, you may want to use our Text Relay service - see contact us for more information.

    Alternatively you can email us - please include your customer number. 

    When using our website you can change the font sizes and use text only pages to meet your specific needs.

    WaterSure Plus

    If you are a metered customer and have unavoidably high water use, WaterSure Plus might help you.

    You will quality for WaterSure Plus if you receive one of the means-tested benefits and tax credits such as:

    • income support
    • income-related employment support allowance
    • working tax credit
    • pension credit
    • housing benefit
    • universal credit.

    And you either:

    • receive child benefit for three or more children aged under 19 living in the household, or
    • have someone in the household with a medical condition causing them to use significantly more water.


    Unoccupied properties

    If you need to stay in hospital, live in residential care or stay with relatives for a long period of time, we can redirect your bills to a carer, family member or friend.

    If your property is unoccupied but furnished during this time, we will withdraw the water and/or sewerage charges.

    Depending on the circumstances, the charges will be withdrawn for six or 12 months, or a lesser period of time agreed with you.

    This does not apply to metered customers whose bill is based on the amount of water they use.

    Password scheme for when we visit

    You can have a personal password that we will use every time we visit you to help guard against bogus callers.

    All our employees carry an identity card which includes their name and photograph. They should show this identity card whenever they visit.

    If you have any concerns about the caller, you should  not let them into your home. Call us on 0345 600 4 600 (24 hours) to check they are genuine or contact the police immediately.

    Any genuine callers will be happy to wait while you check their identity.

    Bogus callers and distraction burglars can be persuasive and use tricks to get into your home, but you don't have to let them in.

    If you are not sure, don't open the door!

    Wessex Water Promise

    Under the Wessex Water Promise - our customer guarantee scheme - we have set out the standards we aim to meet regarding Customer Care Plus and the compensation we will pay should we fail to meet them.

    If you register for Customer Care Plus, we will do this immediately when you apply by telephone or within 10 working days of receiving your written or online application. If we fail to do this, you can claim automatic compensation.

    If you have registered your requirements with Customer Care Plus, you can claim automatic compensation if we fail to meet any of the following requests:

    • to provide a bill in a particular format, eg, braille, large print
    • to communicate with you in an agreed way
    • to send an item of literature in the format agreed with you.
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