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  • Drought plan

    Our drought plan sets out how we intend to manage water resources during extended periods of dry weather.

    It covers the following key topics:

    • water supply in our area and our susceptibility to droughts
    • actions we can take to reduce demand or increase supplies and how we decide what to do and when
    • the environmental impacts associated with our actions in a drought
    • how we will communicate with customers, regulators and other stakeholders during a drought.

    Water companies are required to prepare and maintain a drought plan on a three yearly cycle.

    The plans are produced following guidance provided by our regulator the Environment Agency.

    We produced a draft drought plan for public consultation in January 2012.

    Following the consultation we prepared a statement of response in to the comments we received on the draft plan and outlined the changes we would make to the drought plan. 

    The Environment Agency and Defra reviewed our changes and in January 2013 gave us permission to publish our final drought plan.

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