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  • Switch to a meter

    More and more of our customers are switching to a meter and only paying for the water they use.

    It makes sense to switch to a meter because it could lower your bill if you:

    • live on your own
    • have a small family
    • live in a house with a high rateable value.

    You can work out how much water you currently use with this  water and energy calculator.

    The amount of water you use will depend upon the number of people in your home, how often you use your appliances and the condition of your internal pipework and appliances.

    Request a meter

     When you apply online you will need your address and customer number from the top of your bill.

    If your water is not supplied by us, contact Bristol Water or Bournemouth Water.

    What happens next

    • We will send you a letter to say we've received your request.
    • We will visit your property to check if a meter can be fitted.
    • We will fit your meter on the same day as the survey or within 30 working days of receiving your application. Normally we fit the meter as near the property boundary as possible - sometimes just outside the boundary in the pavement. If this isn't possible we'll discuss alternative locations with you. While we fit the meter, we'll have to turn the water off for a short time.
    • When we have fitted the meter, we'll give you a guide to your meter leaflet to read.
    • If we are unable to fit a meter, we will send you a letter to explain why and we may be able to offer you an alternative method of charging.
    • Once we've fitted your meter we'll automatically change your account to a metered one. We will write to advise you of any refund you are due or send you a final bill for your unmetered account. 
    • Your first metered bill will be sent to you within six months of your meter being installed.

    See our terms and conditions for more information.

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