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  • Our promise

    We aim to provide you with the highest levels of customer service and want to give you the best possible experience when dealing with us.

    If we fail to meet our standards of service we will compensate you. Our promises for water quality are as follows:

  • Water quality standards

     We'll respond to you within Compensation if we fail to keep our promiseHow we'll pay you
    Boil water or do not drink noticesIf we tell you not to drink the water or to boil it prior to drinking while we correct a problem on our mains supply  - £25 Automatic compensation 
    Response to complaintsWe'll contact you about your hardness or chlorine taste complaint as long as we have your telephone number One working day £25 You must claim
    We'll contact you about other water quality complaints as long as we have your telephone numberFour working hours  £25 You must claim
    Sampling timescales  If we take a water sample as part of our investigation, we'll give you the results within 10 working days  £25  You must claim
    If you ask us to we'll take a water sample and analyse it within 10 working days - £25 You must claim



      We''ll respond to you within Compensation if we fail to keep our promiseHow we'll pay you 
     Very occasionally you may find that your water supply is discoloured. This discolouration is often caused by rust particles in ageing iron mains. We appreciate this is unsightly. If laundry is stained or damaged because of the water we supply please contact your insurance company.  
     Flushing allowance We may ask you to run your tap to clear any discolouration following our work on pipes£5 credit to your account if you have a water meter You must claim 


    Lead pipes

       We'll respond to you within Compensation if we fail to keep our promise How we'll pay you
     We replace lead company pipes and encourage customers to replace any lead pipes that they own.
     Lead checksWe'll carry out a free check for lead in your water supply and take samples from your property if you ask us to Five working days £25 You must claim
     Lead pipe replacementIf you are replacing your lead supply pipe we'll replace our section at the same time free of charge on a like for like basis as long as you give us 15 working days' notice - £25  You must claim


  • Points to note

    • Our working hours are Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm, excluding bank holidays.
    • Our timescales start on the day we receive your request or correspondence.
    • Compensation payments are normally made by cheque. If your account is in debt, payments will be credited to your account.
    • Where we are not able to identify customers affected by sewage flooding, pressure issues and supply interruptions, customers can claim payments themselves.
    • Call 0345 600 4 600 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm) to claim compensation. Any claims must be made within three months.
    • Penalty payments: Where we fail to make an automatic payment within the stated time we will make penalty payments. Please refer to the tables for details. Where you need to claim a payment, we'll make that payment within 10 working days of your claim. If we fail to do that you are entitled to a penalty payment.
    • Disputes: Any disputes arising in relation to guaranteed standard payments may be referred to Ofwat for determination. Its decision is binding.
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