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  • Water resources management plan

    Our draft water resources plan sets out how we will balance water supplies with water demands and protect the environment for the next 25 years.

    Following public consultation on the draft plan we published our statement of response to the representations received from individuals and organisations.

    In May 2014 we were informed by Defra that we could publish our plan as a final version without the need for further information or an inquiry.

    The key objectives of our plan are to:

    • reduce the demand for water
    • reduce leakage
    • reduce abstraction where it is required to improve river flows
    • identify whether there is scope to transfer water to neighbouring companies.

    We undertook a detailed review of our demand projections to take account of population growth, housing developments, changing patterns of household water use and changing demands from our commercial customers.

    We also reviewed potential changes to the yields available from our water sources including assessing the potential impacts of climate change. 

    Our analysis took account of the work we currently have underway to more fully integrate our water supply grid and make 25 Ml/d of licence reductions to improve river flows.

    Our calculations forecasted that we will have a surplus of supplies over demands for the next 25 years.

    We aim to continue to reduce demand and leakage by accelerating metering in our region by installing meters in households when customers move house and by providing enhanced water efficiency services to help customers reduce their water use further.

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