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  • Water quality

    Your tap water will vary in taste and appearance depending on where you live in the region.

    Most of the water we supply is hard as it comes from groundwater which has percolated slowly through the soil and layers of rock.

    You can find out more about your water, its hardness and quality using our postcode checker.

    Water hardness and your dishwasher

    Enter your postcode for water quality and hardness in your area

    Discoloured water?

    If your tap water is brown or white in colour, what's causing it?

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    Hard water? Limescale?

    Learn what to do if limescale is building up in your appliances.

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    Water: strange smell or taste?

    Discover why your water may taste or smell unpleasant and how to solve it.

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    99.95% - our compliance rate with UK and EU drinking water standards
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